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How Hoarding Can Affect Your Health

How hoarding can affect your health

December 19, 2020 by Michael Kishigian


A once taboo and hidden mental health disorder, hoarding, has now taken center stage, being the focus of reality TV and talk shows. This condition causes its sufferers to obsessively hold on to items that others would consider worthless or junk.


Though there is a lot that is still mysterious about this mental health issue, we do know that hoarding is often a comorbidity with other disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). For those battling this disease, the need to save and preserve endless items can take both an emotional and physical toll.


Hoarding behaviors often cause problems in many areas of a hoarder’s life. These can include relationship problems, financial problems, and serious health issues. Today, we are going to examine the multitude of ways that hoarding can affect your health.




When a large amount of material collects inside a home, it can quickly lead to a decrease in air quality. Too much dust in the air, foul odors, and potential ammonia from decomposing waste products can cause the air inside the home to be downright dangerous to breathe in. This puts those living in these conditions at high risk for infections and respiratory problems.




People can hoard many different categories of items. For those that hoard living creatures, keeping a sanitary environment can be nearly impossible. Disease travels quickly between pets that are in close quarters, and if their waste isn’t disposed of properly, it can contaminate nearly every surface of your home, as well as the food that you eat.






Keeping food well past its expiration date is a problem that many hoarders face. This food eventually spoils and can grow fungus and mold. It can cause a refrigerator to mildew and be overcome with dangerous growths that not only cause extreme odor but also pose a major health threat of illness. Deep disinfection with proper cleaning methods to rid your home of these dangerous byproducts.




A home that is full of pet waste and decomposing food is an open invitation to pests such as insects and rodents. These pests can be challenging to get rid of, and they are a known harbinger of diseases that can make humans and other animals severely ill.




Plumbing issues are very common in homes where severe hoarding behaviors occur. Having belongings stacked from floor to ceiling and covering every available surface makes it highly likely that items will end up in drains and toilets. Pipes can get crushed or loosened and leaks can go unnoticed, thus turning into major issues. Having non-working plumbing quickly leads to unsanitary conditions that can cause both respiratory and bacterial infections.



As you can see, hoarding can not only cause severe mental stress but multiple physical illnesses. We understand that bringing your home under control may feel overwhelming, but we are here to help. This is our specialty. Let the disinfection professionals at Bio-One work with you to return your home to a clean and safe environment you can enjoy living your life in.


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