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Professional Cleaning Is Essential To Kill Viruses | Global Pandemic

Covid-19 disinfection and why it's important.

professional cleaning essential during a global pandemic

Professional Cleaning Is Essential To Kill Viruses


You might be familiar with the saying, coughs and sneezes spread diseases, but what you might not realize is how tiny airborne pathogens can quickly contaminate surfaces too. During a global pandemic, cleaning needs to be frequent, effective and carried out in a professional manner. This goes for offices, schools, medical facilities, care homes and residential properties. While wearing a face mask will help prevent the spread of airborne pathogens between people, these tiny droplets can easily contaminate surfaces and infect many people. The best way to protect people during a global pandemic is to professionally clean and kill viruses, and practice social distancing, while we wait for a vaccine to be rolled out across the country.


How To Kill Viruses During A Global Pandemic


Whether you need to bring in the professionals to clear out and declutter a home, or you own a business and want to thoroughly disinfect and disinfect your workplace to protect your team, professional cleaning is key. Our dedicated team has the experience and cleaning product knowledge to professionally kill bacteria, viral infections and germs. So let’s take a look at the dangers of not hiring a professional cleaning team during a global pandemic.


professional cleaning essential during a global pandemic

Cleaning Products Need Time To Kill Viruses


While you should clean frequently to minimize the risk of infection during a global pandemic, many people are still unaware of how to properly use different disinfectant products. Some cleaning solutions need to sit on a surface for a certain period of time to eradicate all bacteria and viruses. If you wipe away the solution before the time is up, you are putting yourself and others at risk. Being under the impression that a surface is clean leaves you vulnerable to contradicting viral infections such as Covid-19.


professional cleaning essential during a global pandemic

The Risk of Cross Contamination


Using the same cloth or brush to clean different parts of your home or workplace, can also spread bacteria, germs and viral infections. Let’s say you’re cleaning an office and are wiping down desks. If an employee has Covid-19 and has coughed over their workplace, this is a major risk for the entire team. Using a damp cloth and a cleaning solution to wipe the desk and office equipment down might seem like standard protocol. But, if you are unaware that the product needs time to kill viruses, and you then use the same cloth to wipe down the next desk, you could contaminate your entire office without realizing it. That’s why it’s best to seek professional help especially during a global pandemic. Our professional cleaning team is highly trained in decontamination methods and are experienced in disinfecting both residential and commercial properties. This means you can rest easy knowing your space will be virus and germ free when our team finishes the job.

professional cleaning essential during a global pandemic

Inexperienced Cleaners Pose A Major Health Risk


In the same way a cleaner might cross-contaminate a workspace by using the same cloth or forgetting to leave a disinfectant product to sit and kill viruses, an inexperienced cleaner can also contaminate an area themselves. While a professional cleaning team will wear a hazmat suit during a global pandemic, along with gloves, goggles and a face mask, inexperienced cleaners might not, and so could potentially spread viral infections and bacteria via their shoes, clothes and bags. Even something as innocent as checking your phone while cleaning could cause an outbreak of Covid-19! As a high-touch surface, a phone can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and since you hold it close to your face while talking, has the potential to spread a viral infection quite easily. Our professional cleaning team is highly trained in regards to contamination and will take extra caution when cleaning during a global pandemic in order to kill viruses and disinfect thoroughly.


Protect yourself, your loved ones and your team by hiring a professional cleaning team during a global pandemic.


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